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    Dog is my favorite animal. The reason why I like it most is because it’s very competent. Dog is the best friend for mankind. It is also the best companion for the old people. The dog can feel the human nature. So many old people will raise dogs if their children are not with them. The old can give their love for their children to the dog to make themselves feel warmly. I believe the seeing eye dog is very famous. They are special dogs. Those dogs will guide their owners whose eyes is blind to go the correct way. See, I say dogs are very competent.


    My favourite animal is the giant panda. The giant panda or panda is a bear living in central western and south western China. Most pandas live in Sichuan province. Pandas are adorable because of their distinctive black patches around eyes, ears and across its round body. Pandas are China’s national treasures. They’re among the world’s most adored and protected animals. Pandas are the star attractions in the Beijing Zoo. Experts say that despite their sweet public image, pandas are capable of attacking humans, especially if they feel threatened.


    My favorite animals are rabbits. Rabbit is very cute, chubby, hairy. Its head is small, two long ears, like two big fan ed in the head, as long as there is a little static and dynamic, it will be kept on the ears before and after the swing. It is particularly beautiful eyes. It also has an endearing three mouth, the above two, the following one. Jigen on both sides of the mouth are thin beard, it always put the two long vertical whiskers were straight, and appears to be very spirited. Small rabbits love to eat green vegetables, red radish, but it is still the most favorite carrot. Rabbit likes to play on the lawn, it danced on the lawn, never mind played with more fun.

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